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PowerBridge Holdings Inc.

Building A SustainableFoundation For Our Future

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable energy storage devices and building materials to improve domestic manufacturing and localize supply chains.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a sustainable foundation for our future

PowerBridge Holdings is committed to providing the world's safest and affordable energy storage devices. Our customers require affordable, consistent, and durable products that enable the stability of renewable energy sources and allow for continuous, real-time performance monitoring. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction through behavior-based quality programs and initiatives throughout the entire product lifecycle. We are also committed to continuous improvement at all levels everyday. 

PowerBridge Holdings main office is located at the St.Petersburg, Florida Maritime and Defense Technology Hub. The Hub brings industry, government, and academia together. Owned and managed by the St.Petersburg Innovation District, the Hub creates an environment for tenants to pursue joint funding opportunities and facilitate collaboration. 

“The Innovation District's mission is to develop St. Petersburg into an environment that fosters job growth, economic development, and learning and inspiration by bringing innovative people and organizations together,” says Alison Barlow, Executive Director of the St. Petersburg Innovation District.



Supplementing existing chemistries with graphene

At PowerBridge Holdings we have the product to fit your energy storage requirements at a competitive price point. Currently, most energy storage devices available come from overseas. This dependency is not only a supply chain risk, but also a national security issue. Our innovative energy storage technology couples with our customizable battery management system interface, which allows for easy collaboration between all stakeholders and technical team members.  

From energy storage production to cement block and redi-mix plants, PowerBridge Holdings has the resources to design, build, and operate various manufacturing facilities. With over 125 years of collective leadership experience, PowerBridge Holdings brings the knowledge and the resources to enable electrification of fossil-fuel reliant industries such as the manufacturing of building materials, both air and seaports, mining activities, and other applications. 

Scaling manufacturing and production operations


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